31 August 2011

gs410082This years MTV music awards have sparked further rumours of stars such as Britney Spears choosing to have cosmetic surgery procedures. Spears, 29, who won the Video Vanguard Award and the award for the Best Pop Video, and Lady Gaga, 25, winter of the Best Female Video award and Best Video with a Message award, were the two celebrities causing the most stir. Gaga recently denied that the horn-like lumps on her head and shoulders were artificial and denies having had a nose job, despite before and after pictures strongly suggesting otherwise.Singer Spears is rumoured to have had nose reshaping surgery at a young age, as well as regular dermal fillers to plump her lips. The cast of reality television show Jersey Shore also represented various plastic surgery procedures, including breast augmentation and rhinoplasty. Nicole Snooki Polizzi from Jersey Shore has recently denied rumours that she has had cosmetic surgery, saying she is afraid of needles.