05 August 2010

Reality TV queen Heidi Montag made the headlines earlier this year when it was claimed she'd had 10 cosmetic surgery procedures carried out in just one day, a claim which has since be contested by her plastic surgeon, among others.The Mirror reports that MTV will be showing a documentary, called Heidi's Face, which explores her plastic surgery choices and the controversy and debates it caused - with some suspecting she has talked about her experiences in an irresponsible way and others, such as Janice Dickinson, supporting Heidi's decision. Defenders of The Hills star were quick to point out that the story had been sensationalised by the press. Heidi's surgeon, Dr Frank Ryan, explained that the widely reported claim of '10 cosmetic surgery procedures' was itself misleading, as it counted non surgical treatments too - and some took place over several days. Dr Ryan told Softpedia: "I really call it 30 surgeries because if were gonna count Botox injections we should count every single injection, and both breasts ... so its two surgeries. "Why say 10 surgeries? It sells magazines." Heidi has since admitted that she may have not made her decisions in the best way, and that she may have gone overboard when it came to her cosmetic treatments. There may be some benefits to Heidi's media attention, however, as she can provide an example for patients looking to undergo cosmetic surgery themselves, to ensure they seek out a professional consultation to make sure the procedures are right for them. The documentary Heidi's Face will be shown on MTV in the UK on Sunday 22 August, starting at 9pm.