28 September 2009

A quick poll of any office and you're certain to find that the majority of people don't think of cake when someone mentions a muffin top. The phrase refers to the fat pads that can form around the hips and the way that they can roll over the waistbands of jeans and skirts - and it's used so often that you'd be hard pushed to find someone that hasn't heard it. But muffin top isn't the only inventive nickname for body bits we try to hide or avoid. Fat ankles have also been dubbed 'cankles' and, of course, there are the dreaded 'bingo wings' - the name for the loose flaps of skin that can sometimes hang from the upper arm. When I was thinking about this blog I assumed that these pet names for problem areas were a new thing. However, as soon as I mentioned it to one of the girls at work she reminded me of 'love handles' and 'saddlebags' so I suppose coming up with nicknames for certain troublesome areas isn't that surprising after all. What is fairly new, however, is our better understanding of what causes fatty deposits and unsightly bulges - and how to fix them. Some problem areas can be tackled with a change in diet and an exercise regime, but some others are better addressed with the help of cosmetic surgery. Liposuction is the solution to many of these hard-to-fix areas and tummy tucks and lifts are helpful when someone has lost weight and it left with saggy skin. It doesn't matter what you call problem areas - if they are affecting your confidence you'll hate them anyway. As for 'muffin tops'... the last thing I want is to be thinking of is fat when I try to enjoy a blueberry muffin!