23 July 2012

People looking to undergo a number of cosmetic procedures can benefit from having all the work done at the same time, according to a leading American surgeon. Chicago-based cosmetic surgery specialist Dr Thomas A. Mustoe said in his experience there are clear benefits to some patients from having multiple procedures performed simultaneously.One of the main reasons for taking this approach is that patients will get a boost from seeing their appearance alter considerably straight away. In addition, combining procedures results in a shorter recovery period, allowing people to return to work and resume their normal activities sooner. "I've found that patients who are interested in more than one surgical procedure do well, both physically and psychologically, when we combine them," said Dr Mustoe. "I've heard enthusiastic comments from many of my multiple-surgery patients about the excitement they felt upon seeing a marked improvement as they healed." There is a growing trend for women to have multiple cosmetic procedures carried out after having children in a bid to regain their former looks. But according to Dr Mustoe, it is not just women undergoing 'mummy makeovers' who can benefit. He said people who have lost a considerable amount of weight and have excess folds of skin in a number of areas on their body are also prime candidates. See original story here: