08 August 2011

86498473A mother has decided to undergo breast augmentation after two of her daughters told her they were booking in for the procedure. Geraldine John, 47, told the Metro that she had always wanted larger breasts but is only now committing to it because she was envious of her daughters. I was devastated when the girls booked into the clinic but only because Ive wanted it myself for 30 years, she said.Mrs John, a healthcare worker from Cardiff, says she has always been self conscious and is looking forward to being able to wear certain tops and feel confident in her appearance. She hopes to increase her bust size from a 32A to a 32D, while her daughter Daniella, 21, hopes to increase from a 32A to a 32C. Mrs Johns oldest daughter, Katie, 23, wants to boost her 36C breasts. A third daughter, Gabriella, also 21, couldnt secure an appointment on the same day but plans to book in for breast enlargement surgery at the same clinic in Cardiff. The procedure will cost the family members around 3,500 each and the women say they are already shopping for bikinis and lingerie for their bigger breasts.