07 September 2009

A reported recent rise in breast surgeries has in part been attributed to the increasing number of women choosing surgery after giving birth. Often dubbed as a 'mummy makeover', many women choose to undergo cosmetic surgery as a way of regaining some of their pre-pregnancy confidence and body shape. The most popular surgeries for postpartum women tend to be tummy tucks and breast augmentations. A survey by The Harley Medical Group has revealed that a boom in post baby surgery has seen the number of women choosing breast surgery in such circumstances increase to 60 per cent of the total number of breast surgeries performed. It was also found that breast surgery remains the most popular cosmetic surgery among women. Angela Fry from Maidenhead chose to have a breast augmentation following the birth of her fourth child and offers some insight into the decision. She said: "After each birth my shape changed dramatically and my breasts sagged and lost their shape completely. For me, having a breast augmentation wasnt about getting bigger breasts but getting them back to the shape and size that was right for my figure. Having the surgery has made me feel more feminine and given me much more confidence in myself." Statistics also show that an increasing number of women turn to breast surgery to create a chest size that looks natural, rather than searching for an artificial or enhanced look. Earlier this year it was revealed that the majority of women chose an increase of only one or two cups sizes when undergoing breast enlargement surgery.