16 July 2013

Pregnant woman holding her stomachPregnancy can wreak havoc on a womans body and many are now turning to plastic surgery to reverse the effects of childbirth. Mummy makeovers, as they are called by Dr Christine Sullivan, have been growing in popularity at her Ohio surgery. The procedure tackles the two main areas affected by pregnancy and nursing. The first surgery is breast augmentation and the second is a tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty.Dr Sullivan says that while many women may not have breast problems before having children, they may find they experience a decrease in size and firmness after breastfeeding. In these cases she recommends augmentation. Fees depend on the exact nature of the procedure, but an abdominoplasty removes loose, leftover skin around the abdomen. When women find that loose skin cannot be exercised away after pregnancy, the internal girdle can be tightened.