17 March 2010

New figures have revealed that 'mummy makeovers' are becoming increasingly popular with the under 30s. Mummy makeovers is the name given to a range of cosmetic procedures often carried out by women hoping to re-claim their figures after giving birth. The nickname often refers to surgeries such as breast lifts and augmentations as well as tummy tucks to remove and tighten sagging skin. In September of last year, the growing mummy makeover trend was thought to have played a part in the increase of breast surgeries in the UK. Figures from The Harley Medical Group saw the number of women choosing breast surgery after having a child increase to 60 per cent of the total number of breast surgeries performed at the end of last year. According to the Mirror, new statistics from the group reveal that one in three of the mums choosing surgery are under 30 and breast augmentation is cited as the third most common type of plastic surgery for women after birth. Dr Riccardo Frati, a consultant plastic surgeon for the clinic, said: "I have women saying, 'I want to be the size I was during breast-feeding or pregnancy' as they may have gone up two cup sizes. They tell me: 'I want them back the way they were.'" However, he recommended that women wait for their bodies to settle down before rushing into surgery after having their child, explaining: "Timing is important. I recommend waiting until six months after birth - or four months after the end of breastfeeding."