Mums evaluate effectiveness of ‘Mummy Makeover’ surgery

3 February 2015

It’s fairly common for mothers to consider Cosmetic Surgery. Childbirth can play havoc with your body, which is where Mummy Makeovers come in. A combination of Cosmetic Surgical procedures designed to help you regain your former confidence as well as your pre-childbirth body – here some mums evaluate the effectiveness of their procedures.


  • Full Makeover Mum

One mum reported her full makeover as the “best decision I ever made”. She had a Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck and Liposuction to correct her post-baby body.

  • Weight Loss Then Surgery Mum

Another mum decided to hit the gym after giving birth in a bid to lose her baby tummy. She said: “I busted my butt exercising, even doing a marathon, and still couldn’t lose my tummy pouch. So I got a tummy tuck […] I’m so glad I did it!”

  • Breast Augmentation Mum

Breast feeding can lead to a loss of volume in the breast area. One mother decided to undergo Breast Augmentation after having her three children. She was delighted with the results, commenting: “I was so sick of not feeling good about my body. I finally feel like I have my body back!”

  • Tummy Tuck Mum

Tummy Tuck surgery can help to tighten and firm the skin around the abdomen, which can become loose after childbirth. While one mum was happy with the results of her Tummy Tuck surgery, she regretted it once she fell pregnant for the second time. For this reason many specialists recommend waiting to have Mummy Makeover surgery until you’ve finished having children.


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