07 June 2013

Mans face being treated by cosmetic surgeonAn Irishman who has been undergoing Botox injections for nearly 15 years has likened the procedure to "general maintenance, like dying your hair". Forty-eight year-old Peter Hosford told the Irish Independent newspaper that: "The effect is to make you look like you've just come back from a really nice holiday or had a fantastic night's sleep." Mr Hosford, a nurse manager, has said he decided to investigate further after attending a seminar of the medical use of Botox as part of his job, where he realised that the dosage used for cosmetic purposes was "a tiny fraction of that used to treat conditions such as cerebral palsy."He added: "It's not like going under the knife, it erases the lines very naturally and you just look fresher." After undergoing initial treatments in Dublin, Peter shopped around and found it was possible to have them more cheaply in Newry. And he admitted: "There's still a bit of a taboo about it, but I see it as part of good grooming."