09 December 2004

Maxine, 24, had always hated her flat chest, but to her delight her boyfriend Dave offered to buy her a C-cup boosting present as a Christmas present! After her procedure at The Harley Medical Group, Maxine found that she'd also been given a huge boost in confidence and self-esteem. {C}{C} Company 'My Boyfriend Bought Me New Boobs For Christmas' "I'm only 5ft 2in, so being a AA cup made me look like a child. My chest was non-existent, completely flat, and it really got me down. Even now, because I'm so small, I still sometimes get asked for ID when I go to clubs, but before I had the operation that boosted my boobs to a more womanly C cup, I'd often get refused entry to bars and clubs. My friends call me Little Maxi, which I don't mind, because it is quite a cute nickname, but sometimes you don't want to be thought of as cute; I wanted to be sexy. To me, being an AA cup wasn't sexy and for as long as I can remember, I was desperate to have a breast enlargement. When I was 19, I made my first attempt at getting treatment on the NHS. I went to see my GP and explained how depressed my flat chest made me feel. It affected my confidence and made it difficult for me to form relationships because I was terrified about having to reveal my lack of boobs to any potential boyfriend. She agreed that �there wasn't a lot there' and referred me for counselling. Having the operation on the NHS involves a course of counselling sessions to see if you're a suitable candidate, but I got knocked back. Apparently, they thought having small breasts didn't affect me enough psychologically. Over the next few years, I made a further two attempts at getting the operation on the NHS, but each time I was refused because the counsellors thought I was unsuitable. My next option was to go private. I looked into it but couldn't afford it - even if I got a loan. At the time I was working as a waitress and cook in a number of hotels around Bournemouth, which I enjoyed, but it didn't exactly pay a fortune, so taking on a �4,000 debt was simply out of the question. And so I bought every padded, gel-filled, bust-boosting bra on the market. To anyone else, I looked as if I had boobs, but it was all a pretence. Getting ready to go out was always a nightmare. I was never happy with how I looked. All I'd see staring back at me in the mirror was a woman with the body of a child. So many times, I'd cancel plans with my friends, pretending I was ill, because I just couldn't face going out. My friends knew I wasn't happy with my lack of boobs, but not even my closest friends knew how much it really affected me. I was lacking in confidence and felt very shy about getting involved with a man, mainly because I was so self- conscious about my body. Then, I met Dave, 31, my current boyfriend, two and a half years ago, when we were both working at the New Westcliff Hotel in Bournemouth. I worked in the kitchen and he was a singer who performed in the hotel. As soon as we met, we really clicked. For the first few months we were just friends, so when we started seeing one another, we became very close, very quickly. I told him early on how I felt about my body, but he assured me he was happy with me as I was. I started to feel a bit better about myself because Dave's reassurance boosted my confidence. But ... I knew I'd be happier with bigger boobs. A joint decision One night, in October, last year, I was upset as, yet again, I couldn't find anything to wear for a night out, so Dave said, �Why don't we get it done?' At first I refused. I couldn't expect him to pay for a boob job. But he insisted. �Don't worry about the money,' he said. �If it will make you happy then I want us to do it.' It was the �us' part that clinched it. Right from the start I felt as if it was something that we were in together. It wasn't about Dave buying his girlfriend bigger boobs for his own enjoyment, it was something that was going to make me happier and more confident, which could only benefit our relationship. After much thought, I finally accepted his amazing offer and shortly afterwards we visited the Harley Medical Group in London for a consultation. After meeting my surgeon, Dr Whitfield, and deciding on a size, we settled on a date - 5 January 2004. It was so close to Christmas, Dave joked that it could be my present. He may have been joking, but to me it was the best present anyone could have bought me. I did feel strange about letting him spend so much money, but time and time again he told me not to worry. He wanted me to be happy. Finally, the day of the operation arrived. I'd decided to go to a C cup. The few friends I'd told tried to talk me in to going bigger - but I was after a natural look. On my small frame double DD whoppers would look ridiculous Despite having wanted it for so long, when I was about to have the surgery, I was scared. I'd never been under a general anaesthetic before and I'm asthmatic so I was petrified something might go wrong. When I was being wheeled down to surgery I couldn't stop crying. Dave held my hand to the theatre - there was no way I was going to let him leave - but at the same time, if I could have jumped off the bed and run away, at that moment, I would have. When I woke up two hours later, the first thing I did was clutch my boobs. I felt as if a weight was pressing down on my chest, making it difficult to breathe. It was the tight bandaging I'd be encased in for six weeks. Feeling the wrapping around my chest and my new breasts was such a strange sensation. I felt groggy, sick and strangely depressed. It was as if the operation itself was a bit of an anticlimax and I was in unbelievable pain. Every time I tried to move my arms I could feel the stitches pulling and it hurt like hell. I left the clinic the next day and spent the following two and a half weeks recuperating at home. I was now working as an assistant manager of a dry ski slope centre in Bournemouth and had told my boss and the other staff members why I'd be needing the time off work. Fortunately, they were understanding about my reasons. For the next six weeks, I had to stay in the bandages and wasn't allowed to get them wet. I couldn't really wash properly and felt really grubby. I barely left the house and actually felt quite miserable. I didn't regret having the operation, it was just that I think I'd been a bit na�ve about what a big deal it would be. I thought I'd go and get my boob job and then be out clubbing in skimpy tops two weeks later. It's just not like that. After six weeks, I went back to the clinic to have the bandages taken off. At last I would get to see my new boobs properly. When the nurse finally removed the last of the dressings and I saw my breasts, they were still swollen and unmoving, but to me they were perfect. For one thing, I could actually see my breasts when I looked down at my chest. Over the next few weeks I had to wear a big sports bra, both day and night, to help my boobs settle down and stay in place, but once that came off, I went mad buying sexy new lingerie. I simply felt like a different person and my confidence soared. Now my boobs look and feel totally natural. I just couldn't be happier with the result. I can't wait to get glammed-up in sexy, strappy dresses for the Christmas party season - now I can wear exactly what I want, there's no stopping me. Dave is thrilled for me because he can see how confident and how much happier I am in myself these days. When Dave offered to pay for the operation, he bought me much more than a new bra size for Christmas - he bought me a huge boost to my confidence and self-esteem. That part of the gift is absolutely priceless. I only hope that one day I can do something just as amazing for him." Read more about breast enlargement procedures and our cosmetic surgery guide. Contact us today to book your free breast enlargement consultation with one of our highly qualified Nurses.