11 May 2010

Best known for her Emmy award-winning role in the sitcom My Name Is Earl, the talented Jaime Pressly has joined the list of stars enhancing their figures with breast augmentation.In an interview with Shape magazine in March last year, the curvy actress and model said: "I think it's sexy when women have shapely bodies." According to Gather, it now seems that Jaime has lived up to her vision and enhanced her bust with cosmetic surgery - though rumours have long abounded that this was not her first time, as the star may have had a previous boob job in 2004. Jaime's young son Dezi James Calvo turns three years old today, and Jaime is one of many high-profile celebrity mothers choosing a 'mummy makeover' to restore and improve their figures following childbirth. Inspired by celebrity mums such as Christina Aguilera and Victoria Beckham, the most popular plastic surgery choices for new mothers include tummy tucks to remove and tighten sagging skin, and breast augmentation or breast uplifts once the child has finished breastfeeding. Cosmetic surgeons have observed that mothers account for a large proportion of those undergoing breast surgery. With women increasingly favouring a natural look for their breast surgeries, most choose to increase by just one or two cup sizes to achieve a bust that's well-suited to their figure. Jaime said she followed a strict diet and exercise regime to help her shed the 42 pounds she gained during pregnancy, but explained that she didn't want to lose her curves. "Thats a lot of weight for mama. Sure, I wanted to lose my baby weight, but I didnt want to lose my butt!" she said