19 March 2009

I saw somebody walking down the street in cropped leggings and ballet shoes the other day. That can only mean one thing - we're finally leaving winter behind! Which also means that it's about time I started to step up my preparations for summer and get my beauty regime under control. I've been paying extra attention to revitalizing my dry winter skin already and it's certainly perked me up a bit, but now it's the thought of baring my arm pits and shins in summer dresses that's on my mind. Shaving every day is more hassle than I can be bothered with, and I hate the smell of creams so I'm going for laser hair removal this year. Because laser hair removal takes more than one treatment to be fully effective this is the perfect time to get started if you haven't already - even though it's still necessary to take a back up umbrella with you when you go out! That's because a course of hair removal can take four to six treatments and each treatment should be six weeks apart. It's amazing what a little forward planning can do. Not only will it make sure you're well-prepared for the good times up ahead, but it gives you a real boost too. Just thinking about my summer holidays puts a smile on my face when the skies are grey. I can't wait to take all of my pretty sun dresses out of storage - and maybe buy a few more to show off my silky smooth legs! Roll on summer.