10 February 2009

The return of Channel 4's hit series 10 Years Younger pulled in 2.6m viewers, as new host Myleene Klass kicked off her role as presenter. Klass has replaced former host Nicky Hambleton-Jones and the show has been revamped as 10 Years Younger: The Challenge. The new show focuses on the competitive element; one volunteer attempts to turn backs the hands of time with the help of cosmetic surgery, while another does the same using alternative, non-surgical treatments.Klass has said that she is often reduced to tears during the show, as the women involved transform their appearances. The classically trained musician has previously said: "In fairness, the producers always have a box of tissues on standby for our guests as they tell their stories... but it's usually me that ends up using them!" In the past, Klass has revealed her fascination with plastic surgery, and has attributed her intrigue to 'Frankenstein.' She explained: "I'm intrigued for two reasons. One, I studied Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein' at college... At the same time I find the process fascinating, because these surgeons, they're artists." Klass noted that there has been a major shift in the way society views cosmetic surgery these days, saying: "Now everyone talks about it like 'I want to get a cup of coffee." The 30-year-old mother who is seven years younger than previous host Hambleton-Jones, and her start at hosting the show saw her pull in a 10 per cent share of the 8-9 pm viewers. 10 Years Younger: The Challenge came in third in the rankings after BBC One's Hustle and ITV's "Piers Morgan on..." series.