06 November 2008

Myleene Klass has been announced as the new presenter of Channel 4's popular makeover show, Ten Years younger.

The former Hearsay singer will take over from 37-year-old Nicky Hambleton-Jones, who has presented the programme since it was first broadcast in 2004.

The format of the show has been revamped, and will now be called 10 Years Younger: The Challenge. Under its new guide, two volunteers will compete against each other; one using cosmetic surgery procedures to look younger, the other relying on natural methods to defy the effects of ageing.

Speaking about the announcement, 30-year-old Myleene said: "I'm really pleased to take over a show that has such a huge following.

"It's nice to be part of something that is positive and can change people's lives. It doesn't put people down in the process either."

Andrew Jackson, the show's editor, added: "We're thrilled to have Myleene on board as the format has been reinvented at a time when the pressure to look young and the choices available to achieve that look are being examined so closely."

The premise of Ten Years Younger has always involved a mixture of basic plastic surgery and lifestyle changes in order to beat the effects of ageing and make its participants look more youthful.

In the past, volunteers have received eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), chemical skin peels, cosmetic dentistry and wrinkle-relaxing injections like Botox.

A statement from Nicky Hambleton-Jones' agent said the presenter "wanted to leave the show on a high" and that "the time was right to move on".