Naomi Watts speaks out in favour of Cosmetic Surgery

Naomi Watts speaks out in favour of Cosmetic Surgery

22 December 2014

Naomi Watts says she wouldn’t rule out Cosmetic Surgery in the future. Admitting that it isn’t always easy watching yourself grow older, Naomi said: “I don’t have any judgement about [Cosmetic Surgery]; whoever makes that choice, that’s fine. […] I would never say “never.”

The actress talked about the enormous pressure on actresses to remain young and beautiful if they are to have a successful Hollywood career.

Speaking in defence of Renée Zellweger, who suffered a great amount of criticism for her appearance on the red carpet at the 2014 Elle Women in Hollywood Celebration back in October, the 46-year old described the backlash as ‘cruel and unnecessary’.

Naomi said: “I saw a picture and I thought she looked great! She looked amazing! Leave her alone! You can’t win can you?”

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