05 November 2009

Natalie Portman has revealed that she would consider cosmetic surgery to retain her youthful appearance. The 28-year-old actress admitted her fears of being dropped from film roles in favour of younger performers, in an increasingly age-conscious Hollywood. Posing for the cover of the current V magazine, Natalie told the American publication: "You see people who were stars five years ago and already they're waning."As actresses approach 40, it starts becoming really, really difficult." The Israeli American star explained that she would consider undergoing plastic surgery to remain viable for film roles. While the threat of wrinkles may not present a problem yet, she admitted: "if I have a pimple I want to get rid of it." Despite shying away from nude scenes in the past, Natalie has described her lesbian scene in the upcoming film Black Swan as "extreme." The star previously refused to appear nude in the 1999 film Anywhere But Here, and has explained that she has never been comfortable with the idea of being viewed as a sexual object. Speaking of her previous refusal to appear nude, Natalie explains: "I was figuring out my own sexual identity, likes and dislikes and all that stuff, and its weird to be doing stuff on film as youre figuring it out. "Also being a sexual object when youre a kid is really uncomfortable. After The Professional, I was already getting creepy letters. "Its annoying because online bullshit interferes with what I want to do artistically."