17 January 2011

It is officially National Obesity Week (NOW) and the most popular time of year for people in the UK to resolve to lose weight, but many are turning to surgery rather than the gym. January is the month in which many people make resolutions to lose the extra pounds put on over the festive period, and is always the time when gyms see a rise in people joining, but a growing trend for a quicker fix is emerging. Worryingly, more and more people who are not overweight, or who only need to lose up to a stone, are looking into cosmetic surgery and into gastric band procedures, rather than exercise and healthy eating. One such example is mother of two Elaine. In an interview with, Elaine, 40, who is a size 12 and wants a gastric band, said: Im sick of having to fight cravings and be strict with myself. Since I hit my 30s I have to be so disciplined. Im tired of dieting and exercise to look good, but theres no way I want to be fat either. The revelation comes after the results of a recent survey of 1,500 people, conducted by Ocean Spray, revealed that the average Brit consumes 7,000 calories on Christmas Day alone. NOW was set up in 2000 by medical practitioners to raise awareness of the growing problem of obesity and the impact it has not only on those people who are overweight, but also on the NHS.