16 July 2009

The last year has seen a growing trend for natural looking breast surgery as women increasingly seek out smaller implants, lifts or breast reductions to create a pleasing and natural breast shape.This development has been reflected both by celebrities and the general public. Cosmetic surgery trends published earlier this year found that cosmetic surgery trends were leaning away from larger breasts. Instead, the majority of women choosing breast enlargements are opting to increase their chests only one or two cup sizes. Even supposed purveyors of large chests Playboy have picked up on the trend. The magazine covered the movement and said that it looked as though the days of enormous breast implants could be over. It's rumoured that celebrity figures such as Britney Spears are amongst those who are choosing to downgrade or replace large breast implants. According to Make Me Heal, the star recently said: "At the moment I hate them. I want them smaller Im tempted to have a breast reduction so I can slink into some amazing stage outfits for my next set of shows. I know they look sexy but sometimes they get in the way." Last month news also emerged that Victoria Beckham had made the decision to undergo breast reduction surgery after reportedly growing tired of her pneumatic figure. While the demand for natural looking breasts is on the increase, many stars still enjoy displaying their obviously enhanced figures. For example, Pamela Anderson - who shot to fame mainly due to her large breast implants - posed with a copy Playboy graced with the kind of photo that made her famous while on a recent visit to the Balkans.