22 January 2014

AA044151People of African, Asian and Hispanic descent are increasingly seeking specialist help to amend imperfections to their noses, says a leading New York City-based Cosmetic Surgeon. According to Dr Robert Guida, such patients seek the advice of specialists such as himself for a number of reasons, but all with a common aim: "They all want to look and feel their best," he says.The branch of Rhinoplasty which specialises in treating patients from a variety of ethnic backgrounds is a particular specialism, Dr Guida says, and it demands a distinctive approach. "Special care must be taken to maintain the distinct ethnic features of a patient's face when reshaping the nose, so their overall facial harmony remains intact," he says. Achieving this requires a high level of communication with each patient, according to Dr Guida in order to provide realistic expectations of what can be achieved. He stresses that the overall aim is to "provide a patient with natural-looking results that help them look and feel more confident ... to improve a person's appearance while not drastically changing it".