29 May 2012

Women are less confident about their appearance than it might seem. That is the outcome of latest research which found that 45 per cent of women donít feel confident about their skin and complexion. The survey also found that a third of women admitted to cancelling a date due to a breakout of spots, and one in ten said they get up early to ensure they have make up on before their partner wakes up.The same poll found that dark circles, frizzy hair and spots were the top three complaints which had women feeling unattractive and self conscious. On how to treat spots or acne skin, Sally Penfold, of the International Dermal Institutes, said: ďLook out for D&C red dyes and isopropyl myristate and avoid products with them in. Always double cleanse. Face wipes can be useful for a quick clean but will not rid skin of oil particles in make-up.Ē Penfold recommends using a firming eye cream or gel and massaging into the area underneath the eyes to reduce puffiness and firm up skin. See original story here: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/woman/fashion/beauty/4343478/How-to-banish-your-beauty-blues-for-good.html