Neck Lift surgery all about aesthetics, says Doctor

19 June 2014

The common signs of ageing are generally visible on the neck fairly early, which leads many to contemplate the possibility of Neck Lift surgery. It’s not just as simple as skilful technique though, as one Doctor, Fred Fedok, MD of the McCollough Plastic Surgery Clinic in Alabama points out, arguing that the neck has “an aesthetic all of its own”. Delivering a presentation on the subject of Neck Lift surgery, he said that the condition of the neck and its shape both reflect a person’s character and can reveal whether they are elegant, sophisticated, robust, young or old. Creating an aesthetically-pleasing neck, he argues, necessitates an understanding of three key components: well-defined jawline, underlying musculature and anatomy. Doctor Fedok argues, “It’s the surgeon’s job to analyse these characteristics and put everything together” and that after thorough evaluation of the patient’s aesthetics, the Cosmetic Surgeon will better understand how to repair the neck. He concluded: “The sophistication of the management is not only in the execution of technique. Superb results, however, are had from matching the right approach with the right patient, and bringing it all together.” What do you make of Doctor Fedok’s assessment? Would you be willing to undergo Neck Lift surgery? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook.