Need to know skincare tips for men this winter

Need to know skincare tips for men this winter

6 November 2015

In just the same way that you’d change your wardrobe come winter, it’s also time to switch around your skin care routine. The cold weather means dry skin that can easily become irritated and sore, so you’ll need to introduce some extra steps to hydrate your skin during the colder months.

1) Shaving

If you prefer a close shaved look, taking a little extra care over your pre and post shaving routine can greatly reduce the chance of irritating your skin over the winter. Opt for a shave after your bath or shower, as the warm water will already have opened up your pores allowing for a smoother shave. Then be sure to apply plenty of moisturiser or after shave balm afterwards to sooth our skin.

2) Keeping your beard well groomed

Having a beard doesn’t mean you can scrimp on the beauty regime – in fact it’s quite the opposite! If your have a moustache or beard use a shampoo especially designed for facial hair when you shower and follow this up with a beard oil to keep your whiskers looking orderly and the skin beneath well moisturised.

3) Look after your lips

There’s nothing attractive about dry, chapped lips so make sure you keep a lip balm to hand over the winter months. It’s good to apply a layer of lip balm before bed as well to avoid waking up with a cracked mouth.

4) Getting rid of puffy eyes

You may well find you’re more prone to puffiness and dark circles beneath your eyes in winter. To avoid looking like you’ve had a bad night’s sleep invest in an eye gel – these instantly tighten the skin around the eyes – and store it in the fridge for an extra cooling effect.

5) Exfoliation

Dry skin will dull the appearance of your complexion, so it’s important you buff away the dead skin cells to keep your face looking fresh and healthy. For the most effective exfoliation opt for a Non Surgical Treatment like a Microdermabrasion regularly over the winter months. This will buff away the top layers of dry, dead skin and leave your complexion glowing even in the middle of December!

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Image credit: lightwavemedia/ Shutterstock