Nepal becomes a hotbed of Cosmetic Surgery

12 February 2014

Woman removing bandages from faceEvidence is emerging that countries with little or no tradition of widespread Cosmetic Surgery are indeed becoming major growth markets for adopting a wide range of procedures. The latest proof of the trend comes from Nepal, and is seen as important, because the country is home to more than 40 ethnic groups, which all have their own distinct ideas of what constitutes beauty, so says Bibbi Abruzzini, commenting on the trend for China's Shanghai Daily newspaper. In her article, she quotes Dr Suyog Mainali, Director of the Kathmandu Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery, who is considered a pioneer in the field for the remote, mountainous country.Dr Mainali says the influence of 'Bollywood' has been a major driver of the growth, and is resulting in high demand for Cosmetic Surgery and Non-Invasive treatments from Nepalese patients in their twenties. Another doctor, Bigen Tamang, who has recently returned to work in the country having spent a couple of years practising in Dubai, agreed with Dr Mainali, saying: "Young Nepalese care a lot more about their image nowadays. Those who get the opportunity to travel bring back home a bit of the outside world." Does Cosmetic Surgery have a place in societies where conventions of beauty are different from our own? Send us a tweet to tell us what you think.