12 June 2009

A contestant on Big Brother 10 has revealed that she'd like further cosmetic surgery procedures to enhance her appearance. Sophie Reade, 20, announced on the reality TV show that she would like to have new treatments in the future. According to, the glamour model has already had a boob job. She had a breast augmentation prior to entering the house that increased her breast size from an EE to a GG cup. The model told fellow housemate Angel that she was considering having Botox and cosmetic surgery to enhance her lips, possibly fillers, which are a common non surgical treatment used to plump up lips. Angel told the 20 year old contestant, who changed her name to Dogface by deed poll when entering the Big Brother House, that she thought she was beautiful. However Angel revealed in the diary room that she doesn't think good looks are enough to keep contestants in the house. She said: "She's very beautiful... but for this house being beautiful is not enough." Sophie previously answered questions about her recent breast augmentation live on air, telling housemate Karly that she'd had the surgery in December 2008. According to the News of the World, the Playboy model chose to have the operation after hearing that she'd been accepted for the TV show. Speaking of her lifted and enhanced breasts, she said: "I call mine Mary-Kate and Ashley (after the American actress twins). Lads love big boobs and the bigger yours are the more attention youre gonna get."