17 July 2014

Quite often well hear the phrase its a feature, not a fault, but when it comes to Freckles, many people would rather do away with this pigmentation completely than show it off - which in the case of 21-year-old Sally Whittle, were her sentiments exactly.With the average Brit sporting approximately 35 Freckles on their body, more and more people are feeling self-conscious about their appearance and taking it upon themselves to banish this unwanted blemish. Howeverit takes more than clever makeup to disguise this pigmentation; which is why the new trend of Laser treatments is quickly becoming embraced by those unhappy with their freckled aesthetics. Whittle explained: I would pile on foundation, it always looked thick and cakey. I would hate going on holiday where it was too hot to cover up my face, and swimming would make me paranoid as I knew it would wash off. To be honest, I would just look like a walking freckle on holiday! I hated it. Taking matters into her own hands, she decided to undergo Laser treatment whereby a pulsed beam of light works to remove the unwanted Freckles. While Doctors recommend a course of three to four treatments to see off Freckles for good, patients can benefit from a speedy recovery time. Whittle added: Four treatments later and I no longer wear foundation and I am confident within my new freckle-free skin. My friends have all commented on how flawless my skin is. I still find it weird considering I have hated it for so long. Celebrities such as Rachel Bilson and Olivia Munn are more than happy to showcase their freckled features, but do you prefer a Freckle-free look? Cast your votes on Facebook!