05 November 2008

Think Surgery, a new cosmetic surgery information site, has just launched in the UK.

The site aims to provide safe and well-informed information to consumers thinking about undergoing plastic surgery or cosmetic dentistry.

When they visit, users will be able to search for qualified cosmetic surgeons, the treatments they offer and their locations.

Surgeons and clinics across the country will be able to register their details with the website for free, in order to ensure that listings are as accurate and all-inclusive as possible.

Users will have free access to the site and will be able to contact clinics through its listings, as well as being able to make enquiries through a 'Price Search' feature.

What's more, any surgeon or clinic registered on the site will have to present their registration and qualifications in order to be listed, thus ensuring that rogue surgeons are not given exposure.

Peter Nwankwo, the site's Business Development Manager, said: "It is perfectly legal for anybody to call themselves a cosmetic surgeon, which is why the free service offered at Think Surgery is a vital, one-stop solution for anyone wishing to avoid the potential pitfalls of cosmetic surgery and enjoy a successful outcome."

Last week, it was reported that another cosmetic surgery information site,, would unveil its new consumer portal at Plastic Surgery 2008, the annual meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) in Chicago.

The portal aims to provide interactive forums, photo galleries and blogs to help its community of patients share information about their surgeries, including on breast augmentation, facelifts and liposuction.