03 December 2010

A new cosmetic surgery makeover show is set to concentrate on transforming the looks of famous mistresses. The show, titled Mistress Makeovers "Starting Over", will star mistresses to rich and influential figures n the public eye such as Joslyn James and Jamie Jungers, both of who were mistresses to Tiger Woods, January Gessert mistress to Reggie Bush and Brittany Jones, who is alleged to have been Ashton Kutcher's mistress. The ladies will be filmed as they start over, and also under cosmetic surgery makeovers to help them move on and enjoy their new lives. According to cosmetic surgery commentary site Make Me Heal, Joslyn James and Jamie Jungers have both indicated their interest in having breast implants. Joslyn appears to already have implants however, so she could be considering a breast enlargement or reduction to create a more natural look. It's also been reported that January is considering a bum lift, but that Brittany hasn't decided on any particular cosmetic surgery yet. Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer said: "Brittany Jones is young and doesnt appear to need any cosmetic work at this time. "Whatever they have done I hope it boosts their self-confidence and leads them to new relationships." The show will follow controversial new cosmetic surgery series Bridalplasty, which pits brides-to-be against each other in the hope of winning cosmetic surgery makeovers to enhance their looks for the big day.