28 January 2011

The first in a new six-part television series looking at the very different reasons why people undergo plastic surgery procedures is set to be broadcast on Channel 4 this Wednesday (2). Each episode of the programme, controversially named Beauty and the Beast: Ugly Face of Prejudice, features one conventionally good-looking person, and someone with a facial disfigurement, both of whom have had surgery to change the way they look. Wednesdays show features 47-year-old Susan Campbell Duncan, who has undergone more than 100 plastic surgery procedures to reconstruct her face after she had a rare, cancerous tumour removed. And image-obsessed Sarah Burge, who has also undergone over 100 procedures and holds the record for the most money spent on cosmetic surgery - 539,500. The show highlights the seemingly opposing reasons why people choose to undergo cosmetic surgery, with some seeing it as a necessity following medical procedures or an accident, and others simply wanting to change or improve the way they look and feel.