12 October 2012

Brow lifts are becoming an increasingly popular surgical procedure, as they were one of the top ten cosmetic treatments performed in 2011. This is according to the American Society of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, which reported the statistics in its Trends in Plastic Surgery report.Brow lifts were found to be most popular among older women, with 58 per cent of those who underwent the treatment being in the 35 to 60 age group. Some 40 per cent of patients were aged 61 and over. Part of the reason why the procedure may be so popular is because it is carried out endoscopically, which means it is less invasive. A brow lift helps to reduce forehead wrinkling and drooping brows by tightening or even removing loose excess skin. What is more, the report revealed the cost of a brow lift has dropped considerably in recent years, which could be another reason for their popularity. Read the full story here: