30 April 2009

A new online television channel dedicated to providing prospective cosmetic surgery patients with information and educational programmes is being launched in May.The Plastic Surgery Channel will launch at the Aesthetic Meeting of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas held from May 2 to 7. The initiative has been founded by Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) expert Craig Thompson and internationally renowned breast augmentation expert, Dr William P. Adams Jr. The US-based online TV channel aims to provide anyone thinking about undergoing cosmetic surgery with enlightening and entertaining educational material - or "edutainment" for short. Features will include a weekly newscast hosted by Lindsay Hall, a constantly expanding library of Patient Education videos from reconstructive and cosmetic surgery experts, and several easy-to-digest articles on over 40 cosmetic procedures. The Plastic Surgery Channel is not meant to replace the advice of medical professionals, but its accessible programmes are designed to create an open and welcoming approach to cosmetic surgery that is sure to help tentative patients who don't yet feel ready to book a face-to-face consultation find the introductory information they're seeking with ease. Commenting on the project, Dr Adams said: "One of my priorities is patient education, and a lot of the programming currently out there is either uninformative or misleading. The Plastic Surgery Channel is committed to giving viewers the objective, truthful information they really need. "Evidence also indicates that well-informed patients have a higher degree of satisfaction due to more realistic expectations, and these patients tend to be more likely to follow their surgeon's directives for pre-and post-operative care." If The Plastic Surgery Channel proves successful, there could be scope for the venture to branch out into other countries with highly respected cosmetic surgery industries, including the UK.