26 May 2010

Actress Vanessa Williams is set to join the cast of Desperate Housewives, but the star has revealed that Botox injections help her feel anything but desperate when it comes to her looks. Enjoying a high profile career boosted by her run in top American TV show Ugly Betty as well as being a mother of four, Vanessa is under a lot of demands and looking good is one of them. The Emmy nominated actress has long been open about her use of Botox to keep her looking fresh, and she shared her tips with Working Mother in a recent magazine interview. Vanessa explained: "The latest thing I'm into is Botox, which I've been doing every six months. I do it lightly because I want to have an expressive face that has movement." She also shared her motivation for turning to the non surgical solution and the effect she achieves with it, saying: "My goal is to look like me. I have four kids. I'm proud of my age. I just don't want to look tired or angry. I had little lines between my eyebrows that made it look like I was furrowing my brow." When asked why she felt able to share her secrets with her fans, Vanessa said she loved sharing her tips with other women and likes being able to tell people about her favourite products and introducing them to new things. At 47, the actress shows no signs of slowing down and is keen to get her teeth into her new role in ABC's hit Desperate Housewives. In the meantime, Vanessa has been treading the boards in Broadway show Sondheim on Sondheim.