04 November 2009

Users of Apple's iPhone now have access to innovative applications helping them to decide which cosmetic surgery treatment is right for them.Reuters reports that the iPhone applications provide patients with information on plastic surgery, while allowing them to see representations of how they would look if they underwent procedures such as a breast enlargement, a tummy tuck or a face lift. Released in October, the Shafer Plastic Surgery App, created by New York plastic surgeon Dr David Shafer, offers prospective patients a handy information source culled from an extensive database of more than 1,000 questions and answers covering a number of procedures. It will soon be joined by the iSurgeon application, which allows users to alter images of themselves or their friends to get an idea of how they might look following cosmetic surgery treatments to the face or body. The application's developer, Miami based surgeon Dr Michael Salzhauer, explains: "iSurgeon serves a dual purpose, providing those interested in cosmetic surgery treatments with a clear visual of what they would look like post-surgery, while also providing a fun entertaining game tool." iPhone users will be able to download the iSurgeon application free during its trial month of November, while the Shafer Plastic Surgery App costs $2.99 from Apple's iPhone App Store. By offering helpful advice from real patients and giving prospective patients a fair idea of their own results from surgery, cosmetic surgery applications help users to decide which treatments are right for them.