30 October 2012

A new, minimally invasive treatment to tackle 'man boobs' pioneered by a liposuction clinic based in Las Vegas is promising that patients can go under the knife on one day, and be back at work the next. The MyShape Lipo clinic claims that nearly one in six men suffer from gynaecomastia, the technical term for the condition, throughout their lives, causing them to steer clear of swimming pools or other situations in which they have to bare their chest."Surgical removal requires the dangers of general anaesthesia as well as large scars," the clinic says. But now, it claims, "liposuction assisted by a laser can remove the tissue causing the bulge in the chest. "The laser is used to break down to tough glandular tissue just under the nipple, while the liposuction canula can physically remove the tissue along with any fat in the area", the clinic announced in a press release. "The results [are] a flatter and more manly looking chest". Because the procedure requires only a local anaesthetic, the treatment is said to cost less than regular gynaecomastia surgery, yet achieves comparable results. As a result, the clinic claims: "People are flying in from around the world for the speciality liposuction services and affordable rates". Read the full story here: