25 November 2008

Channel 4 is set to turn the tables on female-centred cosmetic surgery shows with the advent of their new Extreme Male Beauty programme.

The programme will focus on men searching for cosmetic surgery. Producers say the show will "transform a slob into a 'perfect Adonis'" in an hour long show each week.

The cosmetic surgery procedures the men are set to undergo include anything from liposuction to dentistry, as well as re-grooming and styling.

Executive producer Colette Foster told the Daily Mail: "The pressure to look good is no longer the exclusive preserve of women. It's time for men to sharpen up their act!"

The appearance of men who partake in the programme will be subject to heavy scrutiny, including critiques of their torso, hair and clothes.

During the show, British men from all walks of life are expected to talk about everything from penis size to peer pressure and plastic surgery.

Journalist Tim Shaw is also expected to take part in the show. Shaw plans to start a diet and exercise scheme in an attempt to transform himself. Producers of the show say they will turn around Shaw's looks, which have been left "bloated by five-pints-a-night and zero exercise."

Shaw will also road test beauty products and treatments on the show, while meeting the men who have decided to change their appearance through cosmetic surgery.

The launch of Extreme Male Beauty also coincides with the launch of a nationwide search to find the vainest man in Britain, the results of which are expected to air on television next year.