26 August 2010

Mexican stunner Jimena Navarette took the coveted tiara of Miss Universe 2010 in the prestigious event on Monday, and was open about her feelings towards cosmetic surgery."I am for plastic surgery," the 22-year-old beauty queen told website Celestrellas prior to the ceremony. However, she was quick to add that her looks were all-natural, saying: "I havent gotten any." Asked whether her healthy figure is a result of gyms or genetics, Jimena revealed: "I exercise a lot. I go to the gym two hours a day, one in the morning and one at night. "Since we are really busy right now, I try to work out whenever I have the time. I brought some wrist weights with me." While Jimena may be surgery-free at the moment, the long-running pageant is no stranger to the world of cosmetic surgery. The contest's two previous winners came from Venezuela - where plastic surgery is common, according to the Orange County Register - and Miss Universe 2008 winner, Dayana Mendoza, spoke openly about her nose job and breast surgery. There are no rules against cosmetic surgery in the contest, although the subject has sometimes caused controversy, such as last year's dispute over organisers of the Miss USA pageant paying for a boob job for Miss California Carrie Prejean, who then came second. This year's Miss Universe is the first to hail from Mexico since Lupita Jones was awarded the crown in 1991. Asked how her nation would respond to her victory, Jimena said: "Everyone in Mexico will go nuts. It will be a dream come true. People in Mexico are very passionate about beauty pageants so it would be a great feeling to bring the crown back to Mexico."