New 'natural' breast implants expected for UK

14 September 2009

A new cosmetic surgery procedure will offer women a "2-in-1" breast enlargement that takes excess fat from the thighs and stomach to create a natural result.The treatment has been tested in both the UK and the US, and the Daily Mail reports that it is expected to be available to British women early next year. The procedure aims to create a natural breast enlargement by transferring fat from undesired areas, which surgeons believe will lead to a more natural shape and feel than traditional breast augmentation, and avoid problems associated with the surgery. More than 2,500 women have expressed interest in the new treatment, which can see women increase three to four cup sizes through the redistribution of body fat. It has also been reported that the UK and US patients who underwent the procedure four to five years ago have experienced positive, lasting results, leading to the prediction that this will become the dominant cosmetic surgery treatment within 10 years. One of the women who took place in the British pilot study has been quoted as saying she found the results to be "incredible". The 42 year old, who asked not to be named, had fat removed from her hips and transplanted in her breasts. She said: "I would never have considered having a breast implant, but a natural way of increasing my bust size was like a dream come true. 'I wanted a very natural increase of just one and a half cup sizes, which returned my breasts to their pre-childbirth form. " The natural breast enlargement procedure will be a hot topic at this week's annual meeting of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, and is expected to be commercially available in the UK in 2010.