New photos suggest Angelina Jolie did have nose job

24 March 2010

Newly released photos of Angelina Jolie in a modelling shoot aged 15 have been seen as further evidence that the star did indeed have a nose job early in her acting career. The pictures from Angelina's first photo shoot were taken 19 years ago, and according to The Telegraph, her star potential was evident even from a young age. The snaps were taken by photographer Harry Langdon, and see Angelina wearing a range of outfits including swimwear, a leopard print dress and a flowing evening dress complemented by Dr Martens boots. The photos will be auctioned off in California this Friday, along with pictures of other Hollywood stars at a young age, including Drew Barrymore, Halle Berry, George Clooney, Kirsten Dunst and Will Smith. As well as providing a fascinating insight into the early careers of stars, these photographs of celebrities before they became famous can also be a handy way of determining whether they have gone under the knife to improve their appearance through cosmetic surgery - and in the case of Angelina, her much-rumoured nose job appears to be confirmed. According to the Orange County Register, cosmetic surgeons are praising the unidentified surgeon who operated on Angelina's nose for achieving such a natural result. As one of the world's most famous women, Angelina Jolie has frequently been a source of speculation concerning her plastic surgery treatments, with recent photos suggesting she may have had a face lift. If these new photos of the young Angelina prove anything, it's that her famous lips are an entirely natural asset, and not the result of implants or fillers.