28 November 2012

Liposuction treatments can only help tackle one particular type of fat, and cannot help anyone wanting to lose weight for health reasons. That's according to a new report which brings together findings from several studies into the liposuction business."Numerous studies have shown that eliminating subcutaneous (below-the-skin) fat cells does result in a more attractive body shape, but does not reduce the risk factors for diabetes or cardiovascular problems," says the Liposite Report 2012. It points out that liposuction can only remove this subcutaneous fat, but visceral fat, found deeper in the body, is best tackled through physical exercise. According to Dr Diane Gibby of the Dallas, Texas-based Womens Center for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery:If the patient gains weight after the procedure, the size of the individual fat cells will increase. Too much weight gain may mask the benefits of the liposuction procedure. "Patients should strive to maintain or achieve their ideal weight following surgery. This can be accomplished with a healthy, well-balanced diet and exercise.