28 November 2008

New software for those unsure about undergoing cosmetic surgery could show them results before they get to the operating room.

"I think some people probably decide not to have surgery because they can't decide what 'that' size should be," Dr. Haupt, a cosmetic surgeon in Utah, US, told KUTV.

Haupt is using software that simulates a breast augmentation to show his patients what cosmetic surgery could mean for them. Instead of using pictures of computer models, the software uses images of the actual patient.

"You can look at many pictures out there, but you can't find your body with precise augmentation amount," said Haupt. "This helps to produce a better overall picture."

The image that the patient sees is 3D and manipulated so that patient can see first hand what their body will look like with different breast sizes.

Haupt says that though the actual results are sometimes a little different, the simulation provides comfort and eases fears that women might have about breast augmentation.

In related news, a recent survey has found that one in five women is asking for a breast augmentation this Christmas.

In the UK, breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure, with many women noting that the holiday season and upcoming New Year are incentives for undergoing cosmetic procedures such as Botox, dermal fillers and liposuction to look great.

Earlier this month, data released by the UK provider of Botox noted that sales of the wrinkle-relaxer have boomed over the last year, adding to recent reports that non-surgical cosmetic surgery treatments have remained relatively strong during the economic downturn.