New solution for Moobs deemed a success

New solution for Moobs deemed a success

12 November 2014

It is thought that Gynaecomastia (or ‘Moobs’ as they are more commonly known) affects around 15 per cent of UK men, with increasing numbers of men undergoing Cosmetic Surgery to reduce the size of their breasts each year.

Until now, Male Chest Reduction has been the only solution. 27 year old Jack Rollings was one of the first men to undergo a new solution for Moobs, which took a less invasive approach to removing the excess fatty tissue and minimised recovery time afterwards.

Before treatment, Jack suffered from low self-confidence, with his Gynaecomastia also affecting his social life.

He said: “I used to get really down and depressed. All my nice clothes looked awful and my appearance worried me to such an extent that I wouldn’t even get changed in front of family members. I felt that people were looking at me and had to wear bigger, baggier clothing to cover myself up.”

Following the success of the treatment, Jack has gained a new lease for life, saying: “I feel 10 times better. My chest is flatter and the muscles more defined. It has boosted my confidence and given me the drive to do more exercise again.”

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