New study shows importance of removing make-up before bed

29 July 2013

Woman checking for spots in mirrorIt is one of the first things you will be taught as an introduction to the world of cosmetics, but a third of women still confess to sleeping with their make-up on at least twice a week. A new study has outlined the importance of taking your slap off – skipping a skincare routine before bedtime can result in spots, dry skin and brittle eyelashes.Anna Pursglove, from the Daily Mail, experimented by not removing her make-up in the evening for a whole month. A 3D scan showed her skin had aged by ten years as a result. “As weeks progressed, my lips became dry and my skin cracked painfully at the corners of my mouth. With the end of the month approaching, I felt truly grubby and fed up.” Anna developed an intense aversion to mascara application and feared she may have done permanent damage to her skin. “I had visibly blocked and enlarged pores all over my nose, dry skin across my lips and cheeks and red eyelids. The white cysts had given way to some nasty-looking eyelash dandruff.” She added: “The experts estimated that my skin was biologically approximately a decade older than before I began my no-cleansing experiment. “This proved what my mirror reflected: my face genuinely has aged by as much as ten years in a month, and all because I didn't take my make-up off.” Luckily, the experts informed her she had not permanently damaged her skin. But had the experiment gone on for longer it could have contributed to the breakdown of collagen and elastin, the structures that underpin youthful skin.