New treatment approved for Acne scarring

23 January 2015

Many people are surprised to hear that Acne is not reserved for your teenage years. In fact, around 40 - 50 million people suffer from the skin condition. Although topical creams may initially be prescribed, they are not always effective.

You’ll be pleased to hear that a new treatment for Acne scarring has been approved by the FDA (US Food & Drug Administration).

The Dermal Filler has has been named Bellafill and works by raising and smoothing the Acne scar.

Dermal Filler treatment for Acne scars can only be administered on patients over the age of 21.

Beverly Hills-based Dr Ava Shamban said: “Until now, multiple laser treatments or other injectables have been used but are limited both in terms of efficacy and longevity and are hampered by potential side effects.”

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This is an informative piece. Presently The Harley Medical Group does not offer this treatment.