New treatment can get rid of cankles for good

New treatment can get rid of cankles for good

25 March 2016

New treatment can get rid of cankles for good

Chunky ankles, or cankles as they’re more commonly known, are one physical feature that many women would love to get rid of – and now thanks to a new treatment, you can!

Cankles are thought to be a genetic trait, and unlike many areas of the body, do not shift with diet and exercise. Now, a new treatment has been discovered that can streamline chunky ankles in just 15 minutes.

During the treatment, dissolvable threads are inserted underneath the skin and pulled tight for a slimmer appearance around the ankle. More threads are added to form a mesh which encourages the production of new collagen, helping to tighten and firm skin.

While they pose no problem to general health, sufferers of cankles may avoid wearing cropped trousers or floaty skirts in summer for fear of showing off their ankles to the world. This treatment successfully reduces and improves the appearance of skin around the ankles, leaving the patient with boosted self-confidence as well as the ability to wear a wide range of clothing.

Virtually pain-free, the treatment requires no recovery time and results can be seen straightaway.

Kate, a Nurse from Belfast, said: “I’ve always been slim and fit, but all the exercise in the world could not change the shape of my ankles, which were thick and really noticeable on my small frame.

“I couldn’t wear cropped trousers, because they drew attention to them, and if I wore a skirt I would cover my legs in bronzing makeup to try to contour them to make my ankles look slimmer.”

After having the treatment, Kate said: “Straightaway, I noticed a difference in the appearance of my ankles – they looked more streamlined.

“I had a few tiny bruises and took a couple of paracetamol, as they were a little sore, but that was all. My ankles were slightly swollen for a week, but they didn’t stop me going shopping or out with my friends.

“When the swelling went down, they looked great – much slimmer and more elegant. I feel far more feminine.”

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This is an informative piece. Presently The Harley Medical Group does not offer this treatment.