13 August 2014

With many students keen to look their best while in school, this trend seems to have rubbed off on the teachers as it seems that several educational professionals are looking to improve their appearances by undergoing Cosmetic Surgery. According to recent research, the most popular procedure favoured by teachers is Eye Bag Removal; yet theres still huge demand for Cosmetic Surgical procedures such as Breast Augmentations, Face Lifts, Liposuction and Rhinoplasty. New York based Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Marotta discusses which procedures in particular are the most requested by teachers especially during the summer holidays. For older teachers, its usually Facial Rejuvenation surgery, Dr Marotta explains. As for the younger teachers nose jobs are a popular procedure. Many teachers like to do it during the summer months, because they can have the procedure done and have time for recovery. Then when school starts, they can kind of slip back into their daily routine without people perceiving that theyve actually done something. But what exactly has sparked this interest? From citing reasons such as looking tired or feeling patronised by their younger colleagues, teachers feel the need to remedy this as quickly as possible. Dr Marotta adds: I think it varies for each teacher. Some have received critiques from kids who are being brutally honest, so they just want to downplay a specific facial feature. While schools out for the summer, which procedure have you contemplated undertaking? Tweet us your thoughts today!