08 August 2012

An increasing number of men and women are deciding to support their spouse by undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures at the same time. Going under the knife for his and hers surgery is the latest way couples are choosing to bond, according to a report by the Daily Mail newspaper. Industry figures from America show a 121 per cent increase in the number of men having cosmetic treatments in recent years, and many are choosing to have procedures done at the same time as their partner.Michigan-based plastic surgeon Dr Anthony Youn is one US specialist who has begun to receive more visits from couples looking to have cosmetic surgery together. He said: "A lot of couples want to play together, they vacation together, they want to raise kids together. Now they are having surgery together, too." David Robertson went to Dr Youn to have work done to his chin, while his wife of 18 years, Heather, underwent liposuction. In total, the pair went through five hours of cosmetic surgery. "I know we are still young but we are getting older, and it's just another new chapter, another new adventure," said Mrs Roberstson.