12 February 2013

Woman Freed 3Double chins could soon be a thing of the past for many people, with the news that a drug which targets fat cells accumulated under the chin has been passed to undergo a third round of clinical trials. German drug company Bayer has been working alongside Californian counterpart Kythera Biopharmaceuticals and the pair is now testing a drug, known as ATX-101. If the trials are successful, the drug could be used to supplement, or even replace, liposuction treatment of the affected area, which is the currently accepted procedure on excess fat deposits in this area.Trials of ATX-101 have so far shown that its sole ingredient which is also a common ingredient in soap works in a similar way to that in which soap does, by dissolving oil and grease. The tests involved the substance being administered to patients monthly for four months. During this time and three months of follow-up observations, "significant improvements in clinician-reported measurements of SMF" were seen, according to Bayer's healthcare division. But the trials now have to overcome concerns expressed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons before it can be passed for general use.