08 January 2010

Well, who would have known that the start to 2010 would be quite this chilly? The snow has been incredible across the UK. Beautiful, yes, especially over the holidays - but it's a bit more problematic when it comes to getting to work in the morning! Luckily I've not had too many problems with travel, although I've probably had a few more lattes and hot chocolates than I really should have in the last few weeks....January tends to be a time for people to look at their lives and the things they want to change. That means it's a time that lots think about going on diets (all the hot drinks have set me back already!), improving their skin care regime or just looking after themselves a little bit more. That's why it's never a surprise to me when people call in to book cosmetic surgery or a series of non surgical treatments in the first month of the year. While everyone might be pinching the pennies after Christmas, there are some things that are always worth investing in - and your self confidence is always going to be one of them. It has to be said too, that the post-festivities patch is normally a pretty bad one when it comes to feeling good about yourself. Bloated from too much celebrating, dried out and cracked from icy winds and pale from the lack of sun - I can't think of a better time to plan some pampering. In fact, I'm going to get the year off to a good start by dedicating this weekend to a little me-time. Bubble baths, smoothies and face masks here I come!