20 April 2009

A New York art gallery is to display images, videos and sculptures of plastic surgery recipients as part of an exhibition on the art of cosmetic surgery.

The exhibition, entitled I Am Art - An Expression of the Visual & Artistic Process of Plastic Surgery, is being shown at apexart and aims to reveal how surgical procedures can relate to works of art.

Before and after photos of facelift patients, videos of rhinoplasties being performed and sculpted models of the human body will be shown during the exhibition to reveal the various intricacies of surgery, as well as the degree to which a plastic surgeon can change a person's appearance.

The exhibition aims to comment on the skill and delicacy involved in cosmetic surgery and how, despite procedures like breast augmentation and facelifts being routine, there is always an element of creativity involved - each patient being unique in their goals and wants - rather than a once size fits all approach.

As well as cosmetic procedures, the exhibition will also show how reconstructive surgery has shaped people's lives. From cancer patients who have undergone mastectomies and restorative augmentation, to fire victims who have had entire facial reconstructions, curators aim for plastic surgery to be revealed as a life-changing and beautifying process.

I Am Art is running at apexart until May 9.