17 February 2012

Pictures of Victoria Beckham at New York Fashion Week have prompted speculation that she has had Botox and other injectable treatments. The popstar-turned-fashion designer, and wife of international footballer David Beckham, looked chic and sophisticated, with her long dark hair hanging in loose waves and not a line, wrinkle or sign of ageing in sight. In a feature published by the Daily Mail, one cosmetic surgery expert explained that Victorias thin face proves that she has probably not had any fillers, but he said she may well have had Botox and laser skin treatment.Looking at the condition of her skin, I do think that Victoria has had Botox and skin treatments, said cosmetic expert Angelica Kavouni. She has no crows feet or lines around her eyes, as you would expect in a woman in her late 30s, so she may have had some Botox here to combat them. During pregnancy - and she has had four - there are a lot of hormonal influences on the skin, and when you put on weight and lose it again there is some damage to the skins elasticity. As her skin is so tight and smooth, its likely she has had one or more treatments to effectively iron the skins surface, such as the Fraxel laser or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). These leave the skin glowing and taut. The only cosmetic surgery I think she has had is a tip rhinoplasty an operation under general anaesthetic to reshape the end of her nose, Kavouni added.